The Story of Backyard Roses

Some of Tess Christine’s best memories were created in her family’s midwestern backyard. Days were spent running barefoot in the grass, gathering wildflowers, and watching the clouds move in the sky. Vlogging since 2012 from the Midwest to NYC, Tess Christine wanted to create something tangible reminiscent of those blissful moments- clothing that not only reflects her personal style but makes every person empowered. She founded Backyard Roses in 2020 as a love letter to the people who were a part of her journey, as well as those who will join in on this new adventure.


Backyard Roses is an afternoon daydream brought to life. Inspired by breezy afternoons drenched in sunshine and laughter, each design is thoughtfully made to be versatile and make you feel your most confident and carefree. Our hope is when you wear Backyard Roses, you feel like your best self - filled with joy and deeply connected to the beauty around you.

At BYR, we believe...

Roses are more fragrant when they flower together. The vision for Backyard Roses was brought to life after a decade of directly connecting with our community. We created BYR with those conversations and comments at the forefront of every decision.

Everything we do is rooted in ethical practice. From the sourcing of our fabrics to our recyclable poly bags, we are committed to serving you with authenticity and integrity. Our collection is filled with quality pieces, all at an accessible price point.

A growing garden takes hardwork and patience. We greet each day, ready for a new adventure. We know each moment is an opportunity to inspire and delight. The best things come from dedication, continuous learning, and time to grow.

Beauty is blooming everywhere. It’s up to you to notice. We hope our pieces inspire you to take an extra moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you: the changing sky, that taste of sweet tea, the twirl in your skirt, and of course, the blooming roses.

In our backyard, everyone is welcome. We strive to always uplift and amplify each person, so that everyone feels valued and loved. As we live in a beautiful, diverse world, we strive to make every individual feel seen when they visit Backyard Roses.

A Gift of Blooms from Tess to You: As part of our practice to be environmentally-friendly and sprinkle beauty everywhere, our tags are seeded and meant to be planted! Currently growing: chrysanthemum and sesame